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Customs with PalletXPress

Based close to Dublin Port and Dublin Airport, PalletXpress offers a range of customs clearance services with the aim to deliver a pre-Brexit standard in shipment of goods. With our customs solution once all information has been provided we offer same day customs lodgements which allows for trailers to be loaded and shipped same day receiving clearance as soon as goods arrive in the Republic of Ireland.

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What Customs Services do PalletXpress Offer?

PalletXpress offer the following customs services:

  • ROI Import Clearance
  • ROI Export Clearance
  • GB Export Clearance
  • Safety & Security Declarations
  • T1 & T2 Transit Declarations
  • Clearances at PalletXpress’ Temporary Storage Facility on site in our central warehouse

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Customs Requirements

To arrange customs clearance for import and export to and from Ireland importers and exporters will need to have an EORI number in addition to providing customs documents and completing several customs forms.

Required customs documents and forms:

  • Commercial Invoice (Import & Export)
  • Direct Representation (Import & Export)
  • Deferment Account AEP5a (Import Only)
  • Authorization to Postpone VAT Accounting (Import Only)

Authorization to Postpone VAT Accounting need only be completed where Postponed VAT Accounting is requested for Irish imports.

Required forms will only need to be completed and signed once per importer and exporter.

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Do you have a brochure with more customs information?
Our customs brochure can be found here which contains detailed information on customs, customs forms and customs requirements.
Why do I need to arrange customs clearance?
If you buy goods from outside of the European Union it is likely the goods will need to be customs cleared before they can be released into free circulation. Without customs clearance being arranged your goods will be held until they have been cleared.
Why would I use a customs broker to clear customs on my behalf?
A customs agent arranges export and/or import clearance for your goods on your behalf breaking down the customs process and making it simpler for you to understand what you need to provide. They arrange clearances on your behalf once empowered to do so and advise of any information required to allow them to arrange clearance ensuring all items imported meet all laws, regulations and any other customs requirements. Where there would otherwise be issues importing goods a broker does their best to advise you in advance.

Where agreed a customs broker can also use their own TAN account to pay any Import VAT & Duty at the point of import on your behalf.
What is an EORI number and do I need one?
An Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number is an identification number for traders who import or export goods into or out of the EU. An EORI number is used in all customs procedures when exchanging information with Customs authorities.

If you wish to import or export goods into or out of the European Union you will need an EORI number.
I do not have an EORI, how do I apply for one?
Irish Revenue’s page on Economic Operators Registration and Identification system (EORI) provides information on EORI’s and includes a short video on how to apply for an EORI number.
What happens if I do not have all customs information required to import goods?
If you do not have all information required to arrange import clearance your goods will not be customs cleared and will not be released to you.
Can I revoke Direct Representative status?
You can revoke Direct Representative status at any point after having granted a company authorization to act as a Direct Representative.
What are incoterms and how are they relevant to me?
Incoterms are an agreement between buyer and seller outlining which party is responsible for the goods and at which point in international transactions. Specifically, Incoterms state when the costs and risks are transferred from seller to the buyer.

It is important that you understand the incoterms you agree to. For example, failure to understand incoterms when agreeing to them may result in you being responsible for VAT & Duty. If you were not expecting to pay this your goods will be held until VAT & Duty has been paid in full.

For more information on Incoterms 2020 this can be found on the International Chamber of Commerce' website: ICC | International Chamber of Commerce (
I do not know what a commodity code is. How do I find the correct commodity code?
It is important to know the full 10-digit commodity code of your goods. Commodity codes identify the type of goods, customs duty and any restrictions or requirements for goods on export and/or import.

You will need to identify the goods you are exporting or importing by using EU’s TARIC Consultation tool or, for UK exporters, the UK’s Trade Tariff tool. These tools will assist you in identifying your goods and are broken down into Sections followed by Chapters. You will also need to know the country of origin of your goods.

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